Thank You for your replies

February 20, 2011 at 1:39 pm

Thanks all for your responses. This last Wednesday about 6 hours after the solumedrol, my GBS came back, and I was in the neuro ICU at Johns Hopkins. Ii went all of the way up to my bladder , which is what it did the last time. My resovery, however, started about 24 hours after the origional onset. I am leaving Johns Hopkins today. They would not call it CIDP because of my quick recovery. They are a bit baffled about this, but I believe that what I have seen on this discussion board explains a good deal of what may be happening to me. I am thinking about going to the Mayo Clinic, and would welcome any opinions.



Thank you for your replies

December 23, 2009 at 5:37 pm

Thanks you for your replies. They all gave me something to think about.

The bbc thread that Deb listed had a lot of good suggestions for dealing with a dog from a wheelchair. It sounds like England has a lot of social support for handicapped dog owners.

Substitute dog walking for my health is a good idea. My husband and I walk the next door dogs when the husband is out of town. They are a large dachshund mix and a pit bull/sheltie. Each of the dogs easily over powers me (and their mom) when they drag on the leash – so I can never take either of them out just for fun by myself. Because I so seldom leave the house I no longer have a car available to drive over to the shelter to walk their dogs. (Besides, I doubt I could leave them to their fate without taking one home.)

Sigh. I really miss the good parts of having a dog. And any dog would be happier with me if the other option is life in a cage. However, I do remember the hassles and expenses of having a furry dependent. Luckily there is no hurry about making this decision. We are going to question my husband’s allergist next month.

Thank you all for taking the time to advise me,