Thank You…Follow Up Questions

October 18, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Thanks, Lori! Hope you don’t mind a couple other follow-up questions…

*What was the process for getting an appointment? I’m assuming you needed a referral? Was there a records/symptoms/history review done first to “qualify” you to be seen at Mayo? Was there a cost for this?

*What (generally) was your schedule like each day? Did you have to arrive extra-early…say before about 8AM…or did you ever have to stay later than normal…say 5-6PM? I guess you could have been done in 4 days, had you not had reactions to one test, is that correct?

*Should I consider contacting Dr. Dyck (directly) ahead of time, to see if he would like to review my history before I go out there?

Sorry for all this…probably sounds like I’m “nit-picking” or over-thinking things, but I’m trying to make sure I have all my bases covered.

I could probably get all these questions answered via their website…I’m amazed at how advanced it is, and how user-friendly. Some of their policies are so “common-sense” that it’s incredible…what some people would see as little things, like a) having test results available to you, via the web, at the same moment they’re available to the doctor, b) being able to contact the doctors directly via e-mail, and have them e-mail you back (not their assistants, etc.), and c) giving an estimate of charges prior to coming out, so you can make arrangements with financial institutions, etc. Like I said, it may sound “common-sense” to some, but to those of us who have struggled with the medical community over the years, it sounds like heaven!

Thanks again for your help. I’ll stop bugging you after this…I promise! 🙂

Also, did you say somewhere that there is a post that covers your tests and results? I’ll look for it, but if you have a quick link that you could post, I’d appreciate it!

Thanks again,