Thank-you Dick S

February 4, 2009 at 10:40 am

Thank-you Dick S for posting back to me. You are right! It certainly would explain a few things here with my family. I am so exhausted! Been two rough weeks. My biggest fear right now is me staying well and not getting any sicker than I already am. Caring for a sick parent is not easy. But I am trying so hard. I could fall asleep right now and sleep a whole day.
Talked again with my sister. They got my nephew out of bed this morning and he is now having to use a walker. Whatever it is seems to be very progressive. They plan on running a series of test on him today to try and get to the bottom of what is going on with him. Gosh! I feel so bad for him. Only 18 years old! I just hope and pray his neurologist figures this out. For I do not want to see anymore family getting problems with this rotten filthy nerve damage.
They have the physical therapist and nurses coming out Friday and next week. Then maybe I can get a small break some. My back is killing me, my feet are killing me and I ache from head to toe. If they get an answer for my nephew we might just finally find out what is happening. Maybe it’s just a coincedence that I have my problems and he might have something totally different. Like you were saying we are prone to have something auto immune and each one of us get something different. But might carry a certain gene that causes it.
I’m just so frustrated though seeing this around me and watching my family getting sick and then saying to myself what is happening here? I could understand 1 or 2 of us. But 4 of us with nerve damage and having these strange symptoms that almost mimic each other. That is strange! Maybe this is Charcot Marie Tooth. A certain form of it! Possible! That crossed my mind before. Whatever it is …it has kicked me in a tail alot! Comes and goes and each time it does it throws a powerful punch!
Well I better go! Need to get my mom finished with her breakfast. She is actually eating very well. Right proud of her! Just got to get her walking again! She’s doing some but 2 weeks behind all the others that had this surgery.
Physical therapist told us yesterday he is looking at 6 weeks of therapy and might have to have more. I hope my mom is up and walking good in 3 weeks. We shall see! They way things have been going! I can’t wait to see the spring weather get here. Hopefully by then I will start seeing my family back to some normal behavoir. No more hospitals, no more doctors and no more therapy! I’m sick of seeing those doctors it’s no joke.
Weird thing is I am actually feeling better and stuck at home with my mother with a bad case of cabin fever! I want so bad to get in my car and go shopping and go out for breakfast. Just some nice fresh air away from my house. But that may be a while. LOL!
At least when the spring weather comes I can go outside and plant a flower or something. Right now it’s TV, Computer, Stove, Laundry, and taking care of my mom. Here I am finally feeling good enough to want to get out and have some fun and now stuck staring at walls in this house caring for my mother. I don’t mind caring for her but it takes away alot of freedom. Have a good day Dick S! Will keep you posted about my nephew! Just hope this is something they can treat him with and not be something really bad! Hugs
Linda H