Thank-you Dick S and Kevin

June 12, 2009 at 9:42 am

Thank-you Dick S and Kevin! I have actually been thinking about getting in with Dr. Klein but will wait and see what this Rheumatologist does first.

Dick S! That is what they plan on doing with me! Increasing the dosage. They want to see how I do first on the 50mgs for 6 weeks though due to me having hypersensitivity to certain medications. If I do okay these next 6 weeks then they are going to raise the dosage on me also!

Question for you? Has this treatment worked okay for you or did you have to stop the treatment? I am hoping this drug works for me but am scared! I have taken 4 dosages so far being my 4th day with tonight being 5 and so far I have done okay tolerating it! Did wake up this morning though with some mild stomach cramping but was not bad. Just a little cramping and my appetite yesterday and this morning has been a little weak.

I take the Imuran at bedtime for they said it helps with the side effects better than taking it in the morning. The prednisone I am taking in the morning. After I take the prednisone then about an hour later I get my appetite back. So far I have done okay taking it and not gotten to bad off with it just yet!

My doctor wants to wean me off the prednisone as time goes by and keep me on the Generic Imuran. Hate spelling that long drug name~ LOL! This is what their plans are with me so far!
Also! How long did you go before you started seeing improvements? They told me it won’t be overnight seeing that but was curious about how long! A month, 6 months, a year? LOL! Okay! Yes! I am full of questions! Hugs
Linda H