Thank-you Dick S and Joyce

June 14, 2009 at 7:06 am

Thank-you Dick S about the information about the Imuran. I hate spelling that other name! Too long typing! LOL!

Ohh my gosh Joyce! I am so glad to meet another person with Lupus and CIDP! But hate that you too are going through what I am going through. So sorry you have to deal with this stuff! It’s a nasty disease isn’t it? 😡

My husband and I both agree that I need IVIGs. I have to go every two weeks in Greenville just for labs. Then in the first week in August I see the doctor again. If I see no improvement at all we will both be pushing for IVIGs. Unless they see me in the ER first! I see my regular doctor in July and plan on getting him to refer me to see that Dr. Cline! Hopefully he will get me in! But it might be 3 months before they can see me! Just depends on that doctors schedule!

This nerve damage stuff feels like a cancer eating away the nervous system. It is even on my head area. My ears go numb, my face goes numb, nose feels funky. Both of my arms now are dead feeling with limited use and my legs.. they are going down fast! Still walking but struggling to do so nd have to use a walker at times and when going places that require long walking I have to use the wheel chair!

today I am going outside to my container garden and have some carrots to pick! I have one of those garden stools that you sit on and wheel yourself around. Going to have buttered carrots for dinner tonight! Siuch a pleasure meeting you Joyce!
Linda H