Thank-you Dave!

September 11, 2008 at 9:29 am

Thank-you Dave! One of my husband’s family members was killed in the World Trade Center. She had two beautiful daughters and a loving husband. She was my husband’s cousin. I never got to meet her but saw a photo of her and it was very hard dealing with myself just knowing that I knew somebody that lost a loved one in those blazing fires.
I must say that it was the Firefighter’s and the average citizen the first few days doing all the hard work. The first time I had ever seen a city be brought together holding hands and giving comfort and trying their best to save a life, any life! But was hoping for more. That day will stay in my mind forever!
Every year, on this day. The memories come back and it’s so hard to comprehend why? Why did this happen and what did we do for it to happen?
Not only did we loose 3000 lives but we have also added on over 4000 soldiers to that list of lives. Not even including those that are badly injured and will never see being normal ever again.
Your poem was very beautiful and everytime I see a firefighter on this day I appreciate what they all did on 9-11 and even after 9-11. So many lives were changed that day!
I just hope that we can someday see World Peace again and not see our countries fighting against each other.