thank you cheryl

July 24, 2009 at 9:09 pm

i really appreciate you not yelling at me and making sense. i take all advice and ty to adapt it to my situation. i have other medical and mental issues in my past that weigh on my parents decisions. i also know that my mom wishes to think that this is not progressive. I was supposed to recover from GBS without complications. well if there are going to be complications i would be the one to get them. I had foot drop in both feet during GBS and had to have surgery. I had to live ina nursing homefor a year because i wasnt recovering well with the GBS. it looks like a nursing home is in my future. Myparents are getting older and wont be able to take care of me as this progresses. I dont want to go to a group home (someone suggestyed that) I dont know if they have ever dealt with a group home but from my experience( i workin the mental health field) they arent such good places. The nursing home i was in is in a small town outside of charlotte nc. They were very good to me and the staff even let me help out the activities director. THe only problem was that old people die. It was hard to lose people i saw everyday. I was the youngest person there. It was one of the only places that would take me with my mental health diagnosis and my mom said the other places closer lto home were dispicable. they sid i could come back anytime. Ido go and visit from time to time. not lately because i cant drive but i am going to try maybe this week. i prefer to stay at home as long as possible. My sister became a cna to help take care of me but right now Medicare says i dont qualigy for one because i and my family that can do it for me. so when the time comes my sister can be my CNA. I was paying her out of pocket when i was first released from the nursing home. I had appearently recoverd enough that i did not qualify for skilled nursing care or medicade anymore and the nursing home wanted all my assests un der their direction. I received ssdi and my mom btrought me hiome. well my hands and ey es are getting tired so thanks for reading JOJO