thank you ;-) and thank you ms. judy!!

January 3, 2011 at 12:28 pm

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]i love you too ms. judy!! i too have always read your posts and admire your courage and strength! i hope this new year brings healing to you and everyone suffering here–

gosh, i didn’t expect to be so touched by the responses from this thread– but i am. i don’t want to mislead though– i do still have pain and healing going on… and i sincerely hope that more healing will happen in this second year. like pam h. and the doctors say, typically you heal for approximately 2 years after the disease is arrested or “cured,” as i like to call it. in these last couple/few months, i have not noticed too much healing until just this past week when i was able to climb two stairs at once while exercising. i like walking/running stairs for exercise because it really stretches the backs of your legs as well as strengthens the hip flexor muscles. it strengthens the whole leg of course, but it seems to focus so well on the hips which get so weak typically on us demyelinators… additionally, it helps with balance if you don’t hold the handrails, which i am able now to not do.

anyway, the rehab continues… and work approaches– yikes…

p.s. ms. judy, if you like watching cops, you should come out to san francisco someday and i’ll take you on a ride-a-long :)[/FONT]