Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers

June 17, 2010 at 9:30 pm

I did have MRIs with and without contrast, intially mt dr was thinking MS by thankfully I dodged that bullet. I am in the process of scheduling a whole new round of MRIs that the doc ordered along with hip xray.

The only thing the first round told us was I have a small tumor in my pineal gland, nothing to worry about but that may be why I need a narcotic to go to sleep. That gland controls melatonin which is your bodies natural time to sleep med. Also there is a vertabrae in my neck that is crushed and looked like it was actually squeezing the cord. I went to the Rothman institute and a few docs looked at it and said for the time being it was okay but keep an eye on it.

I am not one to complain and I have a pretty high pain tolerance I am at a loss to describ this condition. But the other day I had a painful electrical feeling coming from my lower back and into my hip and then shooting down my thigh and ended at my foot which I thought was going to explode. Every little step or standing would trigger it, so I sat in a chair. But called the dr and wanted an appt as soon as possible which she is not used to with me. She wasnt sure what was causing it but my nuero exam changed from the last one so MRI time. God only knows what it is for right now. Luckily it went away and has not return but left pain in the hip. So we wait, used to that game, like tic tac toe it gets old fast.

But again thank you all for a warm welcome, your thoughts and prayers, and the information you left me. It is being looked at and studied and looked up and I will have a nice list when I go back to the doc. Thanks