Thank you Alice

November 24, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Alice, thank you for posting this. I try to keep an open mind to everything. I have read about others taking Turmeric, and they, too, felt it had positive results. I feel that way about ALA (Alpha Lopoic Acid). This took almost two months to feel the improvements. But it was amazing for me. I still have some symptoms that I do not like and I’d like to find something to help as pain meds do nothing for nerve pain. My nerve pain is not the normal pain. It is like buzzing/tremors/shaking/jello. I really don’t have pain most of the time- except with an ankle I fractured in March. I think my best option may be the SCT. But as long as I am showing improvement with a treatment- they are not :confused: able to take me as a patient.

Thank You Alice!

February 3, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Dearest Alice,

Thank you so much for your quick and vastly informative response! I will go to your website after this post and continue my education. Being a teacher this comes naturally. I am home today with a horrid cold so I will sit here on the couch with my ipad and search away.

I will keep my neuro informed and he has always been supportive of my decisions in what I want my treatment plan to look like. We’ll see what he has say about my latest plan!

I will be in touch. My husband is so supportive and excited…it’s contagious…what you have started for me. You have given me hope. Even if I am turned away, I will know that I tried every avenue offered to me to heal my body. Thank you. You are a special spirit. I will keep in touch.