Thank you

July 22, 2006 at 6:01 pm

I talked to my daughter today she felt up to it (she said she was using her fingers to help say some words) She did tell me that at the end of the week she would like me to be there, but not at this time. It upsets her because she
thinks I cannot afford to fly or drive, even tho I assured her this was not a problem. Her boyfriend/spouse also talked to me, she is on day 3 of treatment
and she says she feels sooo much better. I feel good that I will be seeing her when she wishes, but wish she would let me take an active part in her recovery. She has always been soo independant (good?/bad)but I am just happy that I talked to her today. Apparently hers is a mild case of this (altho she did have catheter too?hmm) She is anticipating full recovery, thank god.
I am amazed at how fortunate I am when I read all the other stuff you are going through. How heartbreaking. Thank you all for your support during the last however many hours. I have made our church aware of this board and people on it and added a prayer for all those going thru this. You may know that I will certainly pray for all of you with any of these syndromes.
Thank you Thank you.