thank everyone

December 8, 2007 at 10:23 pm

Dawn sorry to hear your problems from your doc. Go with your gut feelings they will never fail you. I always did that hen I dealt with my son’s doctors. Since they said he would only live a year and now he is 16 so I guess my gut feelings worked so keep up your spirits and your fight for your son. I am seeing this other neurologist on the 19th and we will see if she is worth my time and energy. Thanks Pam I am going to give my doc the info on dr Parry maybe he will call him. I like the University hospital we have been there many times for my son Kendal and they were always helpful. I wont go to mayo ever again. I called about my disability again and wonders never cease she told me that they send 1 out of 3 to denver for quality control and of course mine is that one so it will be another weeks at least before i know anything. I think this will be the worst christmas probably ever. we are behind on bills and still need to find a way to carry my power chair around with the car we have and nothing seems to be going right. oh well we will see nothing else to do but wait and see as usual. it does give me time to research everything i need to take to the neuro before i see her. thanks again and hope you are all doing well.:)