tests were done by different docs

September 20, 2007 at 11:08 am

My daughter had 2 emg/ncv tests. They were done by different docs. The first one was done by a doc who was not a neurologist. The second was by a neurologist, but I don’t think she had the first test to compare to. We did the 2nd test at my insistence when she was not improving at the rate they thought she would.

I just wondered if the results are really that subjective/subtle. Her neurologist (who was not the one who ran EITHER test) said the 2nd test didn’t show axonal damage, which we were relieved to hear. But now I am wondering if the neuro who did the 2nd test may not have measured the right places/nerves?

I really don’t want to put her through another test. She is slooooowly improving. But I just wonder, is it possible the test didn’t show everything? The neurologist seemed very dismissive of my suggestion that perhaps the test couldn’t measure everything, or might have missed something.

We have ruled out a number of other things, including the suggestion (by the neuro, upon being asked if the test was looking good, why wasn’t she getting better any faster) that ‘stress’ might be delaying her recovery. Or school avoidance. However, she went back to school as soon as she was able and never resisted going (quite the opposite!) She saw a psych to be sure she was coping well, the psych said she is fine & mentally resilient and that she doesn’t think the delay in recovery is due to any mind-related factor. In fact, she thinks she has a great attitude. So if it is not stress/mental, and the emg/ncv shows that she ‘should’ be further in her recovery, what is it?

It is frustrating, is what it is! I think it bothers me more than my daughter, the ‘not knowing’ exactly what is going on with her body. She is very sure she will get better and takes one day at a time. I try…

Thanks Gene , Julie, Angel and Miami Girl for your input. Let me know if you have any other thoughts at all.