Testing? varies by doctors

May 7, 2010 at 7:41 pm

I get my blood tests drawn by many docs…so I bring copies of recent tests so some aren’t duplicated [unless there’s a reason] The key test I seem to always get is the ‘ANA’ [Antineuclear antibodies] The test below does include less complicated keys to infectious action/reaction that comes w/our condition and it’s side effects and treatments… it all goes outa whack!
I usually do my blood work a day or two before my next infusion of IVIG, when I know the IG levels won’t skew things. And, they DO skew things!
Also called a complete blood count… there is also useful a comprehensive metabolic panel: url-http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/cmp/glance.html-url
Ask for copies of what blood tests your doc has ordered in the past year? They mite charge you for copies? What I do [as I’ve many docs for many issues] is request a copy for myself, so that a copy goes to the prescribing doc and I’ve got a copy to copy for all other docs! Pay attention to the “*”s! They are your key as to what is high or low, and what you can look up and worry or not about. I often tease my docs about levels just ‘under’ or ‘over’ the ‘*’ amounts. What I do now, is ask for the blood work orders and take them all to the same lab [so they come out in the same format] and get the copies and w/a copy of the orders, you know what the doc has ordered [or not]? Then you’ve got a better idea of what to look for, worry or not about and then if say you are low in Vit C or D? What to do!
I am NOT a chemist or a biologist, I wrestle with this stuff constantly! Trying to make sense of it. I hope my guidance can help you too!
BTW? High ANA #’s? Do indicate that something IS going on. To what degree is up to the docs. Each doc interprets these things differently. To that aspect, I haven’t a clue how doctors’ minds work!
And YES Immune levels can go up w/blood work rite after infusions? The docs test at first for serious reactions, then curves as to how fast/hard those #’s drop, if any. Beyond that? Cause/effect, doc philosophy [does come into play] and those durn #’s whatever they REALLY mean.
At least, the more you know, the more you mite be able to understand as to how complicated our issues can be! And they aren’t simple at all.
My heart is with you and your husband! Yeah, this stuff HURTS! A lot at times. Unbearable at others it seems. But there can and are worse things-And I’ve been thru them. Keep faith in yourselves and belief that this WILL help and maybe it will!!! That is my hope for you