tens machine

February 19, 2011 at 9:55 am

I am using a tens machine for” muscle reeducation”. That is the only code under which my insurance would pay for the home machine my physical therapist ordered for me. I get the treatment in physical therapy and its called Russian stim. pads are on the ankle and the calf and the jolt alternates and I have to work the foot (drop foot) up and down with the machine rythmn. Since I have drop foot and no feeling in the outer part of the leg as well as the foot (thank you GBS) the plan is to put the pad and leads on on the same areas but instead of alternating current, the current runs through 2 nerve channels and concentrates on lifting the foot from the ankle. My ankle doesnt want to cooperate because I have the machine up to over 100 and I get nothing in the front, so I just work with the feeling I have in the back.
The insurance is paying for the machine but the physiatrist had to write an evaluation to the machine company (EMBI) to approve continued use. It hasnt helped with pain. I dont know if thats a different application but my level of pain hasnt diminished.