Tens and Infrared

February 24, 2011 at 11:00 pm

My home OT told me that her home health care group had mixed results with TENS devices. I owned my own prior to my GBS, for peripheral neuropathy. I found it only worked a little bit and for a very short time.

Next week my therapist is bringing an infrared device we will be trying for the next two weeks, 3x per day. It is my understanding that some clients have had better results with this over TENS. We shall soon see.

FYI I am a newcomer to this group, diagnosed with GBS in Feb 2010. ICU for 30 days…none of which I remember, 5 months to rid of trach and get PT. Still used Hoyer when released to home in July 2010, but am now walking with aid of a walker. A video of my travails can be seen at the bottom of the main GBS home page.

Will let you and others know about infrared.

Bob Shannon
Spokane, WA