Tampa treatments

August 24, 2007 at 10:34 pm

I enjoyed reading your posts. I moved my belongings to PA and planned to go back to Tampa to teach last year. I felt my foot going numb from all the stress of moving in June. Once I got to PA the GBS continued coming but I didn’t think I would get it a second time. My doctor in Tampa calmly said that they have Plasma Pharesis for it now – I had had it 20 years previously but a very mild case. I wondered what would have happened differently to me had I stayed in Tampa. Would my treatment have been different than in this small town of 15,000 that I am currently stuck in? I did not get IVIG either. In fact, I stayed at home the whole time with the same symptoms that you had. ALone. I won’t go into it since my previous posts explain that.
I just wanted to thank you for writing because I see now that had I had it in Tampa, it wouldn’t have been much different. I lived across the street from the hospital in Town N Country. I also was in real estate for a short time and then taught in the Hills. Cty schools for 15 years. I had to take last year off and used my sick days. I did n’t walk for at least four months. Even now I am walking tentatively. The school district would give me another year off and hold my job IF I HAD A DIFFERENT ILLNESS TO PUT DOWN – signed of course by a FL doctor. Can you believe that? GBS wasn’t enough – I needed a different disease – couldn’t take a second year with the same illness. So I was forced to retire or get terminated. I retired. I miss Tampa so much. Just hearing you’re from there made me feel better. My town doesn’t have even have a cab service and everyone of my friends left me when I got sick. WHen I am well, I hope to go back to Tampa. Is the heat making your GBS worse?