Talked to the neurologist

December 18, 2007 at 1:46 pm

I talked to the neurologist about how I felt about the diagnosis and I told him I did not agree. I told him that certain tests had not been done and that I was feeling there were certain holes that have not been answered. I found out he is planning on doing another nerve conduction study in the three month mark which I agreed needed to be done. I told him that my symptoms came on exactly like the time I got GBS the last time. We talked about that and I told him about the fact that I had gone to pheonix for the symposium for GBS and have a lot of knowledge about GBS. I also said that I have heard about GBS from the leading experts in the field. I also informed him I am part of a forum with other GBS patients and that I know what I am talking about. He agreed that he would work with me on solving this mystery and would keep from jumping to conclusions right now and so I believe I have taken a step forward. He also told me I am doing well and he sees that in me. I think that is the key to this whole thing in the fact that I have gone through the appropriate channels and now I think things will change. I hope that this nerve conduction study will show something so I can prove once and for all that there is somrthing for sure. The reason last time the muscles in my legs did not react he said was because of the residuals of the GBS from last time and he thinks that is why they did not do the LP because the nerves showed fine. Hopefully they can figure this out he said there is so many things that are out there that mimic the same symptoms it makes things very hard and it is too late now to do a LP. The only test we can do is the nerve conduction study again and hope that it shows something.

Hope all of you are doing OK,
Wishing you all the Best in this season