taking care…

February 9, 2010 at 12:34 am

[FONT=”Book Antiqua”]laurel, you cracked sophie and i up ;), had the horses been abreast all along, perhaps all of this dissension wouldn’t have happened… well, they know now– so bring on the horses! 🙂

thank you also laurel, for your, might i call it a “defense” of that which i’ve recently written. glad you didn’t feel offended by any of it.

same to you katyk– thanks so much for your support, and for understanding the true essence of my words and attempting to translate that understanding.

pam h– you are a wise woman. i don’t think you would defend or argue anything unless you truly believed it. that makes you solid in my book, a person with whom you can trust for the truth and heavenly directness, even if bruised feelings are caused. you and i haven’t always agreed politically:o , but i have always respected you! i never told you this, but i want you to know that actually [U][B]you[/B][/U] were my inspiration in all of this– essentially, it’s cytoxan that kills this beast called CIDP, there isn’t anything magical about stem cells, other than being able to do higher doses of the cytoxan, crashing the immune system, harder and faster because stem cells repair the damage by grafting to the marrow, etc. but essentially, it’s the chemo– and you were able to tell me that you were cured after your 8 months of chemo… even if you used the word “arrested…” and i asked you, would you do it, to which you replied, “yes, i’d go for it.” thank you pam, very much.

when i went to post on success stories, and used that evil word: “cured,” i was happy and excited to do so on many levels. obviously i was happy for me first, frankly. but i was also so happy to be able to post a positive outcome because i felt it important for folks to know that [B][I]anything is possible![/I][/B] northwestern has put 306 people through stem cell transplants for autoimmune disorders with enormously good success rates and less than a 1% mortality rate. the procedure is done differently than the way it is done for folks with cancer– and the protocol is tailored to each autoimmune disease being treated. similar protocols are being done in other countries with equally good results.

i have spoken to a number of people that went before me– 4, 5 and 6 years out from the treatment– because they are so conditioned to not use the word “cured,” they say things like, “well, i’ve been in remission and treatment free for 5 years…,” and “hey, if i relapse in 10 years, it was worth the 10 healthy years…,” and “i was in a wheelchair before the treatment…” etc, etc… i believe it criminal how downtrodden neurologists have been about the treatment– speaking against it while [I]often[/I] not thoroughly understanding how it works in the most basic of ways… blind conservatism contradicts the essence of good productive medicine– without some guts, nothing gets done– no one faces litigation, malpractice– and equally, no one practices medicine and few are helped… it is cowardly and in violation of the essence of the hippocratic oath– [I]but hey, that’s my opinion…[/I]

take care people– i won’t be around very much for obvious reasons put best by pam h. but i will pop in from time to time and will continue to be available via my website should anyone want to discuss the treatment i went through. i’m not hurt, angry or wounded– i’m just moving along, healing and hoping that i prove the conservatives wrong and never relapse with this horrid disease that stole the life i knew and loved.

the very best to you all–