take it easy

June 1, 2010 at 10:46 pm

I will start this off by wishing you all the best!
everything everyone on here has said is true, this forum is the best thing iv found since i got GBS back in 2006.

everything ur experiencing is normal im 4 years in to my recovery and i still nap in the afternoons, have alot of residual pain and i often get infections that seem to hit me like a tone of bricks! some days will be easier then others and u need to smile and enjoy the easy moments..keeping positive is hard sometimes when ur looking for answers and feel ur a dog chasing ur own tail in circles…

Never give up because the answers are out there somewhere and someone will eventually be able to point u in the right direction. i hope i can help. if thers anything elce ud like to talk about one on one or just a friendly chatt id loveto here from u 🙂

take care of yourself, ur kids need u too