Take it a day at a time!

July 25, 2010 at 10:21 am

Hi Mark,

I am post 11 years GBS and now it is CIPD. It will be a battle and I hope you make a full recovery. Two months ago I went into the worse relapse since 1999 and it is going to take mea months to get back to where I can walk what I consider normal for me LOL. You will have a lot of friends on here giving you support but the other people who look at you will NOT understand what you are going thru. When I get good strength (able to lift and squeeze five pounds with my hands) I have people look at me and think nothing is wrong with you. I have had people even tell me I am not handicapped because I could walk out of a handicapped parking with little problem. Hope you make a full recovery and keep your head up. I am classified as a quad from all the permanent nerve dammage. Most of my EMG readings are of the NR responce but I still can function. Take the good days with the bad and REST all you can.