Take care…

February 9, 2010 at 12:18 am

I have had CIDP for almost 8 years now, I was at my very worst in 2002-2005. But when I was just barely walking, my husband’s back went, I mean he couldn’t barely walk to the bathroom without using two of my canes. He had surgery in August of 2005 (which didn’t really work), & it was repeated in Jan of 2006. It was 9 months that he had to depend on me to take care of him, get the mail (had to use my power chair), do the grocery shopping (had to get my license back to do this, & use a shopping cart in the garage to get them in.) Then in 2007 it was the 10 days in the hospital when his appendix burst, again I had to be a caregiver.

If I can be a caregiver, then so can you. And you have a healthy 7 year old to help out as well! Let Connor be your legs, your energy, it will make him feel needed & helpful. I pray for a quick recovery for him…

Take care!

October 12, 2008 at 5:09 am

Hi Erin, as much as you probably dont want to hear it, i think you may have over done it. Nevermind, i think we have all been there as well, and it is so hard to tell sometimes, esecially if we have a wee bit of stubborn woman syndrome as well!!!!!!:p In a way it upsets me to think back a year ago to being in a simialr situation – wanting to get better quickly, not knowing how hard to push myself, and desperately fearing a setback or relapse etc. I had to set wee goals and no matter how much i wanted to go over and above and prove i could meet the goal and MORE i had to be strong with msyelf and only MEET the goal. My exercise started from the very basics ie getting a shirt on, to then getting a shirt AND pants on, to then go from walking with sticks around the house to making it out of the house. Then i was off in leaps and bounds (not really but i tried to kid myself) and went from walking to the neighbours letterbox, to then two , then three etc letterboxes. Once i could walk the block, i tired to jog, unfortunately no matter how strong willed you are if the messages arent getting thru you wont win!!!!!!!
I too had the same advice from my doc, if you dont recover in 24 hours (maybe should be 12 hours when first adding somehting new) or if you feel pain, STOP. Also increasing things slower is definately the key.
All the best and good luck
(Dont forget – find something you enjoy doing ie biking, swimming etc – you suffer enough with this so dont make exercise something of a chore)
As much as i love running it sure was difficult to get back into it, especially on wobbly legs but as i am out there doing it i often think of people on the forum and they give me inspiration to dig in a couple of extra kms!
Kiwi chick