Tai Chi- another form

February 27, 2011 at 11:32 am

There is a short form of Tai Chi called Tai chi chih. When I lived in California it was becoming popular among the ‘older’ and slowly moving auntie generation around LA and San Diego. Some of the Rehab doctors were trying it as part of their practice. It might be difficult to find a teacher, yet the 19 movements are easy to do. And, you can probably just follow along on the video. The movements are very gentle and very slow.

One of the aunties I know went to school to became a teacher and absolutely loves the benefits. Let me think, she’s old? How old- hmmm can’t tell can I?

for info: [url]http://taichichih.org/overview.php[/url]

As for the twitching, it’s tough. When I was at my worst most of my twitching was related to fasiculations and/or overuse. By overuse, I mean that I was limited to about ten repetitions of any particular muscle exertion.

It’s so hard to remain positive. I really hope something will work for you.