July 7, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Hello Sonia,
I was given a VERY positive diagnosis of CIDP in 1998. Went through all the tests but a nerve biopsy. The neurologist practically shouted at me and INSISTED that I know and tell people I have CIDP. The last neurologist I saw (he was new) was in 2007 and he took one look at my feet and said “you have CMT”. He agreed that I do also have CIDP. I went through the required tests for CMT and the results were inconclusive, no diagnosis of what kind. The neurologist said that some very rare forms of CMT cannot be diagnosed, but he felt I had CMT as well as CIDP. I accept CIDP because I was given a positive diagnosis, but until I show conclusive signs of CMT, I take that as a maybe. Only time will tell.