March 30, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Funny how my post was explaining how I figured out that adrenals would help turn around my GBS and then Florencia tells how her hunch had her get her adrenals tested. We have to listen to our hunches. Stress wears down the adrenals and most of us were under incredible stress before we got GBS. Florencia used medical tests to confirm it and I used a pendulum…25 years ago. Some of my earliest posts said that adrenals worked for me. Lowered my blood pressure, got rid of the fatigue, and turned my GBS around. If you decide to take adrenal extract, buy the kind from New Zealand or Australia. I called the companies who process it and they told me that. But taking one tablet usually won’t do the trick. It is ground up adrenal glands from cows and then they extract the water to make it a concentrate. Not sure what the doctors use. But I do know my doctor was going to put me on an IV of it if I were hospitalized. Luckily I figured it out before that happened.
Often test results are incorrect. I go by symptoms. I had been in FL for a week and turned as brown as a piece of furniture. Not a pretty sight with blonde hair. But that was a clue that my adrenals weren’t working.
Good luck to all.


October 29, 2007 at 3:18 pm

Thank you for posting that warning. Only this morning a friend told me that she had a headache for two days. When I asked what she had imbibed, she said the only thing different was that she used the little blue packets instead of sugar. I looked Equal up and it has aspartame. I told her to NEVER take that again. Many of my friends get bad headaches from it. If I am mistakenly given a diet soda, I have a headache in a matter of minutes. A friend was working out in the heat and guzzled down what someone gave him -diet lemonade. He lost his vision temporarily. I am meticulous in reading the labels so I don’t buy it. I will not willingly put it into my body. It would make sense that people who use it regularly could come down with illnesses that mimic diseases such as MS. I think the big companies might try and label it an urban legend; look at what they have to lose if people believe how dangerous it is. I’d rather be safe than sorry!