symposium and flu shots

November 12, 2008 at 6:32 am


It was a good time there. we got into O’hare Thursday at 8:30 am so Debbie and I went into downtown Chicago and spent the day at the Navy Pier. Then worked our way to the Hotel for the weekend.

From what I gathered on the Flu shot thing. The Majority of Dr’s basically said that if you are immunosupressed or taking medicine that causes that, you should get the flu shot because the incidence rates made sense. they did not factor age, young or old etc. The patients on IVIG, I believe the comment was they should not need one. I may be wrong there, check with Dawn on that one. She takes great notes.

So I am confused a bit. My Neuro said no flu shot for me. I am 43. been In good health, always got the flu shot etc. He maybe didn’t want me to get it due to me starting immunosupression right at the time flu shots are out. Who knows. Each person and individuals situation is different so It does not suprise me to hear big differences in opinion.

The testing on Avonex came back that they could not prove that it made noticable difference because when they selected trial candidates. It was not proven prior to the study that they were IVIG dependant. so when the test commenced and they stopped IVIG and kept on with the Avonex. the Results were inconclusive. They felt that perhaps some of the people using IVIG did not need it at the time or where gettting too much of it or they were basically in remission. So Proving the Avonex made an improvement or could be used as a stand alone treatment was not conclusive. The Doctor speaking on this ended with, We are not giving up on this drug yet. Meaning another trial with better selection of candidates who are highly IVIG dependant may give a more accurate result.