Sweat test

June 17, 2007 at 11:37 pm

Hi to all
I figured these were the results I would hear from you guys about this sweat test. To me it is absured. I guess it is supposed to reveal something about his immune system which makes no sense to me because wouldnt we all have had that to make sure we never had a second bout of gbs. duh:rolleyes:
Gene- he has had ivig (9 treatments I think) but no pp treatment yet. I feel so bad because they have him on alot of different meds and now added ridilin to it. :confused: I gave him the names of different Docs so hopefully things will get rolling and I am calling him tomorrow to let him know our thoughts on that dumb test that I am thinking that if he is batteling gbs that could really set him back. They have the information packet from the foundation and I will encourage him again to come on and meet all of you to help. Thanks again and thanks for the humor from you guys, sometimes it just cracks me up…..which I totally need sometimes.