Swan Welcome

April 19, 2008 at 11:46 am

I, also, have the Anti-Mag IgM with CIDP Presentation.
I have had a fairly quick decline from Nov 2007 to present. At first they thought I just had CIDP, but the IgM spike is elevated and the spinal tap was elevated.
IVIG did not work for me. Finished Phresis on April 4 and have had two good weeks. Not that I’m back to the old Beth of Sept 2007, but have been able to do more lately.
Am getting used to having to use a walker. Have a power chair to go to stores. Without my husband I would have to be in a nursing home.
Guess, the main thng I’ve learned and it is thanks to the people on this forum, is accept where I’m at for each day. Quit expecting to fully return to where I used to be and continue on with a positive attitude.
I, also got depressed and was put on low dose of Prozac. The med has helped, but i still have down days. Esp. when the pins, needles, pain, etc increase in intensity.
Welome to the forum and you have found a great group of very knowledgable people here.