January 19, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Why not everyone give up their Medicare ? That is goverment run !!! That has worked better than anything. My wife has worked all her life and has no health insurance. The places she has worked, one for 25 years and it closed down. Worked for another for 3 years and it closed down, and worked for another 4 years and still has no health insurance, because none of these places she worked offered health insurance and they had no labor union to fight for them, so they went without any. It burns me to hear rich folk talk like it is everyones own fault for not having health care. How about all those rich old people in FL., maybe you could get them to give up their socialized medicare ? I don’t think so !!! Suzanne, let me tell you something else while I am talking… You have to have a referral for just about everything in the gook old USA. I don’t know where you have been doctoring, but you have not evidently done much here in the states. I waited 6 months to get into a pain clinic. I needed a referral from my Doctor. I needed a referral to get colonoscomy, and it took me on the waiting list 3 months and that is a quick as anyone can see this Dr. OH yes, all right here in the good ol USA. I am not an Obama fan and don’t look for much from them, but I am a fan of the hard working people in this country who are just one sickness from bankrupcy; taking away all they worked for…maybe 40 or more years. We would give anything for a plan like Canada has. I don’t hear of them coming to this country for our great medical system we have here.
Where’s you heart and compassion for the hurting people Suzanne ?

God bless all the hard working folks around the world,


November 16, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Holy cow, we were both attacked in March 07!
So you have flare up with infections, etc too…hmmmm….I thought GBS struck once and that was it…especially after 10 IVIG’s and two PE’s.

I’ve been told by too many dr.s at hospitals (besides my regular neuro) that this is psychological as my symptoms are “unusual”, so we don’t bother with ER’s anymore…and decided to wait out this flare up. IT’s been 2 weeks since my head cold began & symptoms started flaring up…one week since it peaked and I am doing “better”…taking a few steps here and there, unable to raise arms, hold head up for very long, still tired but not sleeping all day..but improving each day.

Thanks for the response!

(BTW psychological was ruled out by psychiatrist and psychologist!)


February 16, 2007 at 12:06 am

I think its important to get all the info we can about what may have caused us and our family members to become so sick that they nearly died.
There are autoimmune related illnesses in my family too, besides Nate.
I have RA and my sister had Ulcerative Colitis until they removed her colon.
I know I will not ever and neither will Nate get a flu shot again.
Nate’s flu shot in November 05, then his gallbladder shutting down just weeks later, then paralysis the same day of surgery, then diagnosis of GBS within 1 week of that is just too suspect to me to be ruled as just coincidental.
I can no longer just accept what other people tell me to do without checking it out for myself.
Too many things happen that you don’t expect.


July 26, 2006 at 7:33 pm

Thanks so much for posting that source! I think it is a good idea to have a folder of these kinds of articles. I have found that they do not have time to read everything and if they don’t think they have any patients with GBS they don’t use that information often and it gets forgotten!