Surprised this hasn’t come up much before?

May 16, 2008 at 7:12 pm

2 years ago I had a major surgery [mastectomy for cancer], two months later implant surgery [implant for ‘balance’?], last year dental surgery, and recently a biopsy – which I’ve cleared with my neuro each time.
My neuro has said the best time to get such surgery [invasion?] is about 10-14 days after my infusions. I’m on a 4 week cycle so timing this stuff has been interesting.
The way I figure it is that I get the most immediate ‘bang’ for my initial problems and then there is still enough IG to work on any other problems I might have afterwards. I’ve been lucky and not encountered any infections or abnormal reactions. AND I know that the bulk of my infusion is going where it is really needed! Not to the just healing parts of a surgery.
Vickie? As for the kind of surgery your son is to have? I really cannot address that all? The only thing I would fear is how nerves that run down the leg to the foot would be disturbed/injured or damaged during such surgeries. Those nerves we have are soo tiny, and they cause soo much pain. I don’t know about you? But I want what nerves I’ve left to be ‘gold plated’ some time in the future? They cost enough to treat, don’t they? OK maybe platinum. Maybe in neon? I truly hope this helps.