Surgery late in the day…relatively?

April 1, 2009 at 6:40 pm

I will have you in my heart and mind all day tomorrow!
I want you to know that I’ve had 3 ‘invasive’ surgeries since I got this CIDP stuff and have come thru all pretty much OK… Just prepare to balance ‘fiber supplements’ to offset the pain-killers! Just makes life a lot easier in the longer run, to be sure. And, of course…HYDRATE HYDRATE and HYDRATE some more, when you can before and after!
Before, it makes your veins etc plump and ready to stick. After, it helps flush out the anathesia[s] and the sooner they are out of your system? The sooner you will know what is normal or not.
I suspect that you won’t sleep much tonight. I have been the same way with every single ‘procedure’!
I’ll be thinking POSITIVELY on your behalf tomorrow and you had BETTER do the same! HUGS!