surgery IS scary for us, but caution can make it easier

October 7, 2008 at 11:25 am

It’s very good that your doc appreciates your issues [I’ve CIDP] and that makes a big difference in how they approach your surgery.
2-1/2 years ago I had a cancer surgery that lasted for 5 hours [followed by a second surgery of 2 hours 2 months later]. What I did with every single doctor involved each time was say I have a DEMEYELINATING disease, a cousin of sorts to MS. They all ‘get’ this with their sort attention spans. Why? Because MS folks have a DM issue which occurs in their brains rather than the peripheral nerves and many have suffered adversely from different anathesias – they are a very active group and procedures have changed for them. The same procedures for us do apply.
Now as to recovery? Key is to try and drink as much water and other constructive fluids post-op as possible, and, also to move as much as is safe and as you are able. The sooner you get the anathesia out of your system, the better off you will be. At least, that’s been my experience.
I hope this helps allay your fears. I’ve had several surgeries over the years [pre and post CIDP], and the ones above were the BIGGEST tho. Nothing ever eliminates the jitters, nor should they. Just follow all directions about pre-surgery prep [when to stop some vitamins and meds etc.] and all the what to eat or nots as well. The only other thing to expect is that the pain meds usually constipate like the dickens! Eating lite and taking all the things that work for you from the get go will help that issue.
I’ve found that the first 10 days post surgery are the worst? But after that you will be going crazy and be pushing the envelope to get out and go and do things. GBS has taught you caution, you just have to be a bit more cautious.
So go and get it over with, and I’m hoping that you ultimately feel lots better about 3 weeks after it all! I’ll be looking for updates!