surgery affects on autoimmune

August 13, 2008 at 9:14 am

Interesting, thanks,

I reported all my past surgery to all my diagnosing doctors but never specifically asked about the mesh patch. I wonder if they would even think to realize when you state you had a hernia fixed that something unnatural is in there. They may believe though that I doesn’t matter at this point, you can’t go in and remove it, it is bound within the fiber of the muscle tissue once healed. You certainly can’t go in and undo any joint replacement, thats for sure. Many people do wind up with screws from bone fracture, I have heard of having them removed in some cases.

Once the body accepts the material, you have to wonder, has It made the CIDP more supceptable or sensitive to the other triggers. Flu shots, surgery, anesthesia, virus, bacteria infection etc.

I do have two outstanding things, a torn meniscus, and minor stenosis in the C levels. I am with Julie, I won’t do a thing about it until I am absolutely hurting and there is no other option.