Surgery 2 years post

November 7, 2006 at 7:14 am

Hello Walt W.,

Although I am 20 years post GBS I can still relate to just about everything you have said. The one thing that alarms me is your allowing the doctors to perform surgery on you when you are only 2 years post. I never had problems with contractions in my joints since I had proper therapy while paralyzed. However, I had very little use of my hands even though they were very flexible and was desperate to get some kind of use of them. The doctors convinced me that after two years I would not get any more use back. So, I allowed them to perform the same surgery that you described for your thumb along with another surgery that locked my fingers down so I can not completely extend them. As far as I am concerned, they botched both surgeries and I now have a claw hand as a result. What really upsets me is that I did get a great deal of movement back in my hands after the two year mark. Although I still have limited use they do work well enough to perform the tasks you listed on your post. Not like I use to before GBS, but I can do them. My right hand has very limited use due to the surgeries and I would have been much better off had I waited and allowed my body to due the work of healing. The doctors wanted to do both of my hands at once and I declined that option. Thank goodness! I wish you good luck on what ever route you take.