Support for an old friend on the mend!

November 14, 2011 at 4:09 pm

When, we first come to this site, we are pretty much all equal. We are scared, looking for information, looking for support, looking for that success story and hoping that we will be successful and be able to return to a normal life. Then, we separate and find the people who we want to associate with, people with the same attitudes and people who feel that we will get better.
I feel that a major portion of the problem is with the site itself. There is a difference between CIDP and GBS, they start the same then go in two different directions. The forum puts us all together. There is a third group that also separates us and that group is the people who have not been diagnosed and are looking for answers, have common aliment and common fears.
I came looking for information. I came looking for success stories and after awhile I came to give support. Northern Guitar Guy was the first person that I reached out for when he first appeared at this site. He was terrified, concerned for the future of his young family, he was the first of many that I phoned to just talk to and share my story. I know that he did the same and he made many good friends on this site and I hope he counts me as one. My hope is that we all get a little better every day or that we come to accept that a new normal is our lot is life until another new normal appears. I will continue with my baby steps and come back and visit here from time to time.
I am posting this on several threads and apologize if you see it more then once.