September 20, 2007 at 11:27 pm

I take morning2multi-omega-3
50mgof coQ10highest quality
1 81mg asprinanti-inflammatory
1720mgtumeric cap antiinflammtory!
1.250mg gingerroot”””””””””””””””””””
also settles the stomach from allthis
other crap.
evening;metformin-diabetes and another81mg asprin


July 26, 2007 at 3:31 pm

I was at an expo this past week-end and someone was selling blue-green algae. As I talked to her, I realized that she had NO IDEA what she was talking about. Those type of people get me angry because they could harm people in their ignorance and make a case for the FDA to put supplements under the control of doctors. My intuition told me that it would not be good for my body. I tend to stay away from Asian remedies because I am an O blood type. If I were an A or B, I might consider it. What works for Asians does not necessarily work for me since my heritage is European. Blood types are most important in what you eat and what you take. I got a reaction from Astragalus which was included with my garlic. I broke out after a month of taking it – what the Physician’s assistant swore was scabies. Sheesh. My doctor said it wasn’t. Luckily I figured it out. So….I think there are some basic supplements that are good for most people. But Bue-green algae makes me pause. I have not read alot about it… I personally would not take the chance.

Miami Girl, Oil of oregano is wonderful. I keep it for when I get an infection. I think I read somewhere that it was equal to antibiotics in studies. I use herbs but do think that sometimes you need an antibiotic. Being a teacher who did not miss a day of school for at least 9 years, I didn’t stay home to get better. So I needed an antibiotic to knock it out of me.


April 2, 2007 at 2:51 am

I have been taking antioxidant supplements for a couple of years (See my post from May 20, 2006). I know they will not cure my CIDP but I feel they help my overall health.

My favorite commercial pill includes curcumin – which is tumeric. It also contains grape skin and grape seed extracts, green tea extract, and the usual A,C,E vitamins plus minerals. There is no substitute for a diet rich in fresh foods – but there’s no way I could eat enough each day to include all the goodies in one pill.

Look up curcumin in PubMed and you will see additional studies saying this is good for myelin.


January 4, 2007 at 6:04 pm

I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and asked them. They looked it all up in a large encyclopedia type of book.
They told me you need a B-Complex, Folic Acid and Soy Lecithin as well as Calcium.
I got all those for Nate but no doctor would write an order for them. The Hospital he was in would not allow him to take them because of that little rule.
I gave them to him when I was there and he was able to take some sometimes also if he snuck them.
He had them in a lock box and only he had the key.
He has been on them steady since he got home though but I feel like he should have been allowed to get all he could early on.


December 28, 2006 at 1:10 pm

Hi Carolyn,

Ahhh — it’s good to ‘talk’ to someone who is also interested in the nutritional approach to health issues. I also take a lot of supplements — the biggy being high amounts of essential fatty acids (EFA) — specifically Omega 3’s. I take 6grams a day right now. It has helped enormously with my dry eye issue. I just recently learned how important the ratio is between Omega 6 to Omega 3.

I had been taking 4grams of fish oil when my (holistic) cardiologist suggested I could up my fish oil to 6grams. He also suggested I keep my vitamin D levels way up in the new recommended levels — above 50ng/ml because of my autoimmune issues. I don’t really have any heart issues, I just wanted an assessment of my heart health.

OK – so back to the EFA story — Well, I had also been taking a product called BioTears. It’s specifically for dry eyes. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients one of which is GLA — which is an omega 6. Well, when I upped my fish oil, I decided to stop taking the BioTears — just to limit the number of pills I was taking. Well, after a few months I noticed that my eyes were significantly drier. I was having to use my TheraTears again — several times during the day. I hadn’t had to do that in years. So I did some research and I discovered some trials with Sjogrens patients and omega 6’s. Well, then I did some research on Omega 6 and found information about the ideal ratio is 4:1. Omega 6 to Omega 3. Well, that made me look at my BioTears bottle and lo-and-behold I see the omega 6 ingredient. So I added back the BioTears and within two weeks my eyes didn’t feel so dry — I don’t need to use the TheraTears except occasionally.

OK — so the BioTears folks are going to say it’s THEIR product exclusively that is doing the trick for me — who knows ???? And I also need to say that I still have dry eyes — so I haven’t found a cure or anything — my eyes are just less dry by taking the EFA’s. And yes, I know about Restasis which is a rx for dry eyes. I actually used it and it worked for me — which it doesn’t for everybody. I just got to thinking about the whole Vioxx scenario and I decided I didn’t want to risk my eyes to a drug that has only been on the market a few years.

BTW: One of the doctors that I see when I want to have nutritional testing done recommended a test called: Individual Optimal Nutrition (ION). It’s by a lab in Georgia called Metametrix. Have you heard of them? I plan on having this test in January. It’s expensive — $680 or so, but this is the kind of information that I want. One of tests they do is for EFA’s — and they provide the ratio. Here’s the link to a sample report if you are interested:


Also, you’ve been tested for Lyme’s right? You mentioned the rash and “fleas” — well, it just made me think about Lyme’s. One of my son’s neighbors became paralyzed over a couple years time — neck down — and I think they told him it was ALS or some other thing. Well, this went on for years and then I guess they decided to test for Lyme’s and lo-and-behold. I’m not sure what they can do for him now though — it went too long undiagnosed I guess. I really don’t have all the details so I may be off on some of this story — but not about the part where if they had done the Lyme’s disease test early, he wouldn’t be so paralyzed.

You know I think sometimes people (friends) just don’t know how to react when people go through some life changing event. Like in your case — being struck again with GBS. Oprah has had some people on that went through the extreme weight loss procedures — and they describe the same behavior. — ?? — Friends just dropping out of sight. It is AMAZING and I don’t get it either. Maybe you’re supposed to find new friends — that’s the lesson. ????

Let me know if you make any (nutritional) discoveries.

Take care… and all the best…