May 31, 2009 at 7:00 pm

I worked as a medical social worker for 12 years with kidney dialysis patients and we frequently had insurance situations such as yours. One of the things that comes to my mind is to contact your state insurance program. In Ohio it is called OSHIPP. They assist people with all kinds of insurance issues especially the rules on cobra. Some insurance companies think you will never check and give you the shaft. I also think that there is a federal form of the above. It seems to me that when you lost your job, if you would have provided your wife’s employer proof that you no longer had a job/insurance that they have to take you on immediately and you do not have an open enrollment period, meaning you would not have had to wait until January. I know they can exclude certain pre-existing conditions but not for longer than one year. This has something to do with something Bill Clinton passed when in office. At one time I knew the specifics. Please get back with me on what you find out.It absolutely kills me to hear your story. The only thing more important than your health is where you will spend eternity.


June 15, 2008 at 7:54 am

It is not necessary to see a therapist after Guillain-Barre. Everyone deals with stressors in their life differently, has a different course, and has a different support network. It helps to have this group of understanding people on this site. Three things to think about. For me, the emotional impact of this hit harder several months into this when I realized how slowly one gets better (of course, I am a lot older than you and very tall) and also how much life has changed. I think this is the case for a lot of people, because right after you get sick, you focus on getting better and it is later that ou focus on trying to make life normal again. I work with teens with cancer and other serious illnesses and the impact that these have should not be underestimated. Soon you will go to college and most of your classmates will be healthy and energetic. You likely will have less energy and reserves, but more maturity because you have faced seriousness. It is harder to be young and different.
My second thing to mention is that in your first post, you said that you are having a hard time sleeping and having nightmares of going back to the hospital. This is a concern for PTSD. Maybe these have resolved, but it kind of sounds to me like it might be beneficial to keep the appointment with the therapist and talk some about your feelings and concerns about the GBS. There is no rule that if you go to a therapist, you have to go many times or over a long time. Sometimes only a few times can help a lot, especially in someone as attuned to their feelings as you seem to be. Click on your name and look back at your first post.
The third thing to say is that it is really important not only for your body to recover, but your mind/spirit. You want to live forward especially at your age.
Best of luck to you in your healing, body and spirit.
WithHope for cure of these diseases
GBS 3/07


September 19, 2007 at 11:49 pm


I am not a doctor, but those symptoms sound very similar to my begining cidp symptoms.My numbness started in my hands then went to my feet before the weakness started. You might go to a neurologist and get tested(lumber puncture and nervespeed andconduction test.)Sounds like you might just be over doing, either way seea doctor foradvice.


J Joe Flaherty