Stress and ‘disability’ go hand-in-hand…don’t they?

February 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Seek a social services counselor or an insurance company advocate —be careful here tho? State only medical issues, nothing else. Add your concerns about being properly treated. You can be surprised how this can work for you if you are careful, but again be VERY careful that you don’t blurt out anything they ‘mite not want to hear’?
Of course being dreadfully sick and in pain go hand-in-hand! The stressors of what mite be NEXT? are ever present and at times, real. Trying to be ‘calm’ during any doctor interview is nerve-wracking. My approach is to be as honest as the doc I’m talking to seems to be….The best words I’ve ever used in ‘interviewing’ docs for second ‘opinions’ is that Me and He/She were not communicating well…or at all? We ARE people after all, and don’t ‘click’ with some folks as well as we could? But when you don’t ‘click’ at any level at all? Well? Time to change channels!

As for the COLD Feet? Three things I do help bring them to tolerable: First- soak feet in tepid to warm water; Second-use a blowhair dryer on LOW on them and third- use those rice filled micro warmers insulated by a towell or the like. I’d even tried aqua-therapy? I liked the low stress work outs? But Coming out of the pool into real air, well my feet would turn bright blue! Not desirable.

Finally, no question is too silly to ask here! Asking questions, gets you answers from those who have had the same ones! Don’t be shy!

Keep hope and heart and good things to come! They must!