Stress & Hello

April 5, 2007 at 1:37 pm


My name is Ty and I have GBS, acquired 11-6-05. 18 Months today!:eek: I found this place just recently and have longed to be able to share with others that are where I am and have been thru this. Just to hear someone validate the oddities involved with a nervous system “under construction.”

I went from healthy to unable to swallow or cough–total paralysis in about 12 hours. Fear. Pain.

I have rethought my life many times over these months and know that I was running at a breakneck pace, under severe stress in owning and running my own business, raising a family, and being a person that demanded more from myself than was probably possible. My stress levels were probably off the chart…and then I got that nasty cold bug. Sinus infection; worst I’d ever had…and it tipped me over into the world of GBS.

I am getting better. Fatigue is my hardest battle…being dependable, when you don’t know if you will be too tired to get rolling is hard on a family. My wife needs dependability. And it has been hard on her…watching me sleep these months away…

But, I am improving and feel like just this last week I have turned a big corner and my old life is within reach…or at least within view. But, I will not turn back to the stress monster I once was. I personally believe that stress demands an outlet; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. And I chose to let my body take the shots over the years. It was a conscience decision. I knew that I was pushing too hard, but I leaned into life and let the stress release through me physically. I caught every cold…I was basically a host site for every little bug that needed a home because I wore myself down. Stress seems to have been my constant companion…I almost needed it at one point to feel like I was “getting something done.”

But that was before. At any rate I wanted to say hello to you all and tell you that I am grateful you are here to listen to and read your stories and learn from your insight. I hope to become an active contributor here and only wish I had found you earlier!

GBS: 11-6-05
Husband, Father of Four