Strep it is

January 12, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Hi, He still had a fever this a.m., sore throat and an upset stomach. I had a hunch he had strep since the fever had not broken and it didn’t seem like the flu. I waited until 2:45 to bring him to the doctor because I wanted to see his physician given everything that is going on.

He has been keeping up to date with his records. He was thrilled that he had something wrong with him that could be diagnosed and treated! How sad is that! I was glad that it was not the flu since this can be treated easily.

His pediatrician was glad we are seeking a second opinion. I fedexes the records to Hopkins today. I don’t know about you all but I was really upset at all of the mistakes in the record.

I wrote down our own version of his history with the record. I plan to go down the get the rest of his stuff sent out tomorrow.

I will follow up later this week to see if we can get an appointment in a reasonable period of time. If not, we will do the remote opinion.

It feels good that we are doing something. His neuro has still not called about vascular tests.

Take care… just wanted to leave an update.