Stood again on Friday

May 19, 2008 at 10:06 pm

They got me to stand on friday and got me to try to lock my knees and then try to put some weight on my legs by letting go of one side of the parrellel bars but my knees buckled. So they said I will need to get braces for my knees and learn to walk using my trunk muscles. I attempted some of what I would have to do but my muscles fatigued quite easily but I will keep working it will mean I can at least try to walk this way. Parapelegics could do it this way if they wanted to and I will do it to I don’t care if it looks funny or not I will at least be trying. That for me is the main part. The muscles in my lower legs are totally affected from the GBS and the nerves must of screwed up a bit because the muscles are not acting like they should when they put the electrodes on the muscles to make my foot go upwards make it invert instead and the mauscles around the knees don’t hold so the nerves and muscles aren’t communicating properly even though the nerve conduction study shows that they have healed and are showing normal the damged areas obviously didn’t go properly again. I’ll just adapt to this and move on.

Hope you all are doing OK still waiting for the nursing home an in hospital till I get a bed in there.