Stone and IVIG

December 27, 2009 at 8:01 pm

appearently they just chipped the stone with lithotrypsy/ because stone is still there so i have to have lithotrypsy again. no word on IVIG not until stone is gone. bladder still an issue even with vesicare now they gave me some type of cream to put on my belly to supposedly help. i am very frustrated and depressed. this has gone on too long. i thought this would be all done before the holidays. 1 step forward two steps back. i am back on my crutches. and having trouble using my hands. the tingling is really bothering me. i try to do my regular routine like they tell me to do but i am exhausted. i was using my sleep apnea machine but apperantly it is causing me nose bleeds. will call dr tomorrow. thanks for listening to me whine. Amy