Stir Fry

March 15, 2008 at 1:58 pm

Julie…your husband is a lucky guy. Like Perry said, I’m getting hungry just reading your post.

I’ll throw in another quick easy dish here too. Every so often pork tenderloin goes on sale really really cheap. I can’t understand why because it is lean, tender and tasty. You can get it fairly inexpensively from Costco too.

I cut it into pieces and fry it up in olive oil with some added sauce later on like BBQ sauce or Teriyaki sauce.

Same time you cut up some green peppers and red/yellow/orange peppers and some mushrooms and zuchini. Throw into a stir fry pan with hot sesame oil or olive oil. Add some fresh vegetable noodles and a few other vegetables if you want. You can also sprinkle in some of the stir fry suace you buy in the chinese food section. And water chestnuts are good.

Then when the veggies are done, throw in the pork tenderloin and you’ve got a feast. You can cook some rice at the same time too. May as well make a ton of rice all at the same time and keep for later. Its easy to reheat or fry it up too.

I’ve probably left some things out, but you get the general idea and it is nourishing, tasty and quite inexpensive.

Enjoy with your favourite Chinese beer.

Bon apetit!
Chef André