Still in diagnostic process

May 14, 2007 at 4:15 pm

:rolleyes: Yep.Been at it nearly 7 yrs now!I do have a good muskoskeletal neurologist,though.He’s been eliminating diseases so that he can get to the diagnosis.I think we’re about there.When I saw him in March and April,The L-spine MRI results showed herniated disc and lumbar stenosis,and I’d had an episode with the sural nerve in my foot that interested him.My next appt is June 28th.I started seeing him because of being epileptic,but about the same time,I started developing vision problems,cognition problems,pins&needles feelings in my feet and hands.Yet,my symptoms were very mild at the time.It would take time and observation.There was a remission from Nov 2003-Jan2005.It’s been progressive since it came back.I can no longer climb or descend stairs;nor walk very far.I fatigue easily.I just spent a few days down in bed with a bout with inflammation.I’m so weak that I feel like a puppet without strings,and all I want to do is sleep! 😮