still getting ivig

October 12, 2010 at 8:03 pm

still getting IVIG 2x a week every week. Now am having back pain. first thought it was my kidney stones but urologist seems to think not. Regular physcian has said that i need to see an orthopediest. the ortho is sending me for physical therapy. All i know is my lower back hurts. Laying down sitting or standing. I am getting frustrated. I go to the infusion center every monday and tuesday each week from 7 am to about 2pm. Some days it seems like i improve other days seems back the way i was. Not to mention the fatigue. Survived my mom and dad traveling up the east coast. One of their friends stayed with me. My therapist (head) is moving to another town. she says i am welcome to follow her. It is not that far but would take up a half a day to see her. I may just try someone else in the practice. Supposed to travel with work tomorrow for a staff retreat. we are going overnight to the mountains. I said i would go but now am not to sure. It is only one night and it would give my parents a break for the night. I want to get out and do things but hate the price i pay afterwards.