still down

October 12, 2008 at 12:58 pm

well, it appears that i tried too hard this week. Today is my second day in bed. It’s a shame cuz the weather is beautiful and I’m a train wreck!

I have more strength than yesterday, yet still too fatigued to do much more than quiet reading. Even answering questions like “would you like to sit outside?” makes me cry. In fact I have no desire to sit outside, and be challenged by the moving air and temp change, bright light and sound.

I went for a short walk with the dog this morning and was chilled for hrs. I don’t feel cold presently, yet the skin on the outside of my calves is still cool to the touch under clothing and bed covers.

Dick, I have both sensory and motor involvement, though in the past year I have made huge improvements. I can stand with my eyes closed and don’t tip over, and I have regained 30 lbs of muscle loss.

With all that, my strength and balance still fluctuate. Sometimes it’s one element, like balance, other times it’s the other or both. Right now it feels like will power, nerve, or personality is weak. I am hoping that it all clears soon and I see the next path of healing ahead.

Thanks everyone for you re assurance and feelback.