Still don’t know if it is CIDP

August 21, 2008 at 10:38 pm

Hi my husband has had a terrible year.He was so active but the day befor fathers day in addition to his drop foot,muscle weakness,some cognative problems,he had a seizure.From June 14 on he has gone down hill soooo fast.I went out of our health network and went to JohnsHopkins.He had a EMG.blood work and a consult with a very good neurologist,They reviewed his case the following wednesday and decided to admit him ASAP.But my insurance denied me.I had to pay over 5000.00 for that one visit.I am now on a waiting list to see Dr.Shawn Bird out of U Penn.He is in our local hospital tonight because he had blood clots in both legs.I am going crazy with the unknown!! I read a lot about CIDP but the seizures don’t seem to fit.He just had another MrI of the brain and spine but both are negative.He was working 5 months ago with a limp.Now he is in a wheelchair.I feel like he is going to die.Is this disease fatal.I feel his is so progressive.Is U Penn a good place for treatment or should I get a home equity loan for Hopkins??