Still doing more each day

July 14, 2006 at 3:52 pm

Well in physio I have come to find out my difficulty. I partly is due to the decreased sensation in my feet. I am unable to know when I am fully on my feet. The physio therapist keeps telling me to not lean so much with my upper body but to push out with my hips. Then she asks me if I can feel the difference. Which unfortunatly I can’t so it gets very frustrating. So I realy on a mirror and on her judgment to know whether I am doing it right. I probably look like some kind of side show act. I am working on succeeding as I am doing all this on a walker with 2 persons assisting and anotheer pushing my wheelchair behind me. It is quite a procession but I keep working on it. I also work on my own standing up and using a cane and trying to monuever around probably not quite like physio would like me to stand up. But I think every little bit helps.

Still planning to go to the symposium in november and aam hoping to see you there.