Still Clueless

March 20, 2008 at 10:27 pm

Asv to “Threads” , “Posts” etc- shame we’re not just talking?

So, Beth? looks like you and I are in tye same boat? Forsome reason my Docv is stuck on IvIg, doesn;t discuss Plasma phoresus? Saus it’s “harsh on the body? A gal I know down this way had it done and it saved her life (but she wasbad off GBS and in the Hosp, already)

Ali, please send me your # or if I’m allowed, here, my e-mail is heronemus@aol. Yes, I’m near Roanoke, but, UVA or Duke or WVU are all fairly close (UVA being my MD’s affiliation.

And anybody wanting to write, commiserate or suggest alternatives, I’m open to it! At 46, I’m not ready for the Rocking Chair!

Happy Easter!
He IS Risen!