Steroids first?

August 7, 2008 at 12:09 am

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[COLOR=black]While IVIg is considered the first line of treatment by the Peripheral Nerve Society, there are several doctors who will use steroids (IV or orally) first. They are cheap and very often very effective. When I was first diagnosed, I received Solumedrol (IV steroid) and had rapid relief of my symptoms. Admittedly, it did not last, but it was a very good first attempt.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black]Even though I do plasma exchange as one of my main lines of treatment, I would recommend you IVIg first. If you have to have central venous access (a catheter), you will require considerable commitment to keep the catheter in good shape. That said, if IVIg does not work for you, plasma exchange could be a very good option.[/COLOR]
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